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4.9-5.9. "Court of Miracles" by Black Power Naps

Location: Aequa Community Centre

Time: Friday, September 4th 18:00-00:00 and Saturday, Sept 5th, 18:00-00:00

The "Court of Miracles" is the inaugural space of rest, leisure & decriminalized idle time by and for Black and Brown SWs in the tradition of our project Black Power Naps.

During the event, we invite Black & Brown SW’s to take space at Aequa to meet each other, chill and dream together. We will be screening P-Valley, doing karaoke, serving hot food from the kitchen, tea and coffee will be available, soft drinks by donation, along with plenty of soft surfaces for people to nap on! Participants will also get to enjoy guided nap meditations downstairs, musical jam session (ground level) & nervous system co-regulation technique demos.


Sex workers only; accomplices are welcome on a case-by-case basis.


Accessibility: The space has limited wheelchair accessibility. The cafe has a few steps upon entry, steps inside to re as h the bathroom. The office across the street has a wheelchair accessible bathroom and additional resting/kick back space.

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