An alliance of sex workers and our allies, together in the ongoing fight for sex worker's rights. We rally for decriminalisation and an end to stigma.



Join our demo on June 4th.



Planning meetings have already started for International Whores' Day 2022, with events on June 2nd and June 4th. We're planning multiple actions in this week and we are looking for volunteers to help design and deliver our awesome programme of actions.

In the form below please indicate what kind of support you would be able to offer. We are currently seeking volunteers of all backgrounds, sex worker, ally or otherwise!

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We are looking for funding for self-defense classes and (mental) health support for sex workers!

There is the unique chance to provide Berlin‘s sex worker communities with free Brazilian Jiu Jutsu as well as peer-to-peer (mental) health support. We have everything ready, all it needs is funding of 9.000 - 10.000€ for a year. Finances are being administrated by a Verein (e.V.).

Know how you can help us to secure funding? Please email us at:



Thoughts, feelings, and reflections on last year's direct action.


We met our adversaries in the heat of the afternoon, standing within shouting distance of each other. Their protest was silent, ours was filled from start to finish with chanting, music, speeches, performances and cries of solidarity.



Below you'll find archives of some of the collaborations we have taken part in in the last 12 months including guest speeches, demos and statements.



On Saturday 7th August SWAG attended the first Queer.Trans.Liberation Demo in support of our sibling organisers, TransSexWorks.

Intro by SWAG
Hello, we are sex worker action group berlin. We are here today to read a speech written for this demo by our sibling activists, transsex works who cannot be here as they're in Bulgaria supporting a sex worker from our streets of Berlin. Transsex works are in the streets every weekend protecting sex workers. Protecting trans sex workers. We need more people. We're by the red umbrellas. Come and get information on how you can  volunteer. 

These stories of targeted violence are harrowing, but they are not new. Did you know that cops are allowed to search us on the street, any of us, if they just suspect us of selling sex? As sex workers in Germany we are forced to register, we get what is known as a huren pass. When we are registered, the police automatically have the right to search our homes at any time, simply because we are whores. Do you know what this does to us? Can you imagine that?  I think you probably can. Because in many ways what sex workers endure are the extreme version of what we all experience as queer people. Sex workers are the front line. We are being killed. Those of us who are trans, poc are disproportionately being killed . When you are trans, when you are a migrant, sometimes sex work is our only option. If you care about ending violence against trans people, you have to care about sex workers, because we are one. We are one and we need you. 

We do not want cops to do their jobs. They do not protect us. They hurt us. They are enforcing laws that kill us . Let us take a moment to turn our energies towards decriminalization and liberation. 

I stand here today on behalf of my sex worker siblings many of whom cannot join this protest today out of fear and anxiety for simply standing in a place like this. But today they are here with us. Today we stand together. Today we are stronger because we are not alone and we will not give up. 

From transsexworks
Thank you to everyone for coming to this demonstration here today. We are deeply saddend to hear about the recent attacks on our queer siblings. Our project is a support structure and voice for and by trans and non-binary sex workers. We mostly work together and support migrant trans sex workers who work on Frobenstr.. This is the street in Schöneberg where trans street based workers work. Since last fall there has been an extreme increase of violence happening here. Sex workers are often the first to feel the rise of fascist attacks. It comes as no surprise to us that trans and queer people are now being attacked all over the city on a weekly basis. These attacks have been happening to our community for months now, every weekend. Women have been stabbed, threatened with knives and guns, beaten unconscious, peppersprayed, spit at, harrassed, sexually assaulted, raped, had bottles and raw eggs thrown at them, mugged, hit by cars and much more. 

We are worried that soon one of our friends will be killed. 

Why is nobody listening to us? How often do we need to report on this for people to care? 

Are you hearing about this for the first time? We also wonder why. We have been speaking to local politicians, police and other queer organisations. We report on this online and ask newspapers and queer magazines to write about this.

Why does nobody care? Is it because we are trans? Sex workers? Migrants? Unhoused? Drug users? 
Do our lives not matter? Does our wellbeing not matter? 

When was the last time you were beaten at work? Raped? Threatened? 
Now don't say: "well sex work is dangerous". 
No it isn't. 

The only difference between your grindr hookup and our work is that we aren't giving our services away for free. 
Sex work isn't dangerous. 
Misogyny is. 
Racism is. 
Transphobia is. 
Whorephobia is. 

The stigma and shame is what kills us. We are told to feel ashamed for the work we do. Feel ashamed for being trans and queer. Feel ashamed that people attack us. Feel ashamed that police wont protect our bodies. Shame. Shame. Shame. Shame is a powerful tool of oppression.

BUT WE ARE NOT ASHAMED! We are not ashamed for providing for ourselves and our families. We are not ashamed that we work as prostitutes. We are not ashamed for being trans and queer. We feel proud! We take pride in being trans and being sex workers!

Again we are asking you to join our fight and to support us. If you are trans or non-binary and a sex worker please reach out to us.

We are currently looking for support in fighting the violence and gentrification going on in Bülowkiez. 
Queer people: do not forget your history. We are here asking for help. Please reach out. 
If you are a journalist, please write about the weekly attacks happening on street based trans sex workers. 
Listen to us. Lift up our voices. We are just trying to survive.

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