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International Whores' Day 2021

WHORE POWER! Sex Workers of the World Unite! In commemoration of International Whores Day we call for people to unite together under the...

06.09. 15:00 Demonstration!!!

Wir rufen alle Sexarbeitenden und Unterstützenden auf zu einer Demonstration für die Rechte von Sexarbeitenden! // We call upon all sex...

1.9. Trans Sexwork Support Group

When: 1 September, 19:00 – 21:00 What : A safer space for trans, intersex, non-binaary-identified sex workers based in and around Berlin,...

9.3-9.4. Love Mobil, Leipzig

The specialist sex work advice center "Leila" is pleased to have brought the Love Mobil campaign to Leipzig. There will be the...

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