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06.09. 15:00 Demonstration!!!

Updated: Sep 5, 2020

Wir rufen alle Sexarbeitenden und Unterstützenden auf zu einer Demonstration für die Rechte von Sexarbeitenden!


We call upon all sex workers and supporters to come together for a demonstration for the rights of sex workers!

We will at 15:00 at S+U Yorckstr. (under the bridges) for music and speeches, then on to Nollendorfplatz, where we will pause for further speeches; then, around 18:00 we will arrive at Winterfeldtplatz for our grand finale rally, with speeches and live performances. Bring your mask, your banners, and your voice.

Differently-abled friends are welcome to meet up with us at 18:00 at Winterfeldtplatz.

Speeches by Trans*SexWorks, Antifascists, WTF Collective, REDLACHTRANS, Sex Worker Action Group, Black Sex Worker Collective and more.

Performances: Ernestine Pastorello will be performing a site-specific reprisal of her 2019 work "The Bridge to St. Nizier," a work of contemporary ballet

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